Arsenal Tech SIA offers comprehensive services for equipping facilities of any complexity with modern security systems. These services include:

1. Supply

In-depth knowledge of local markets, combined with experience in global supply, in close cooperation with equipment manufacturers, we help our partners achieve the best equipment selection. We sell only certified products that have proven their worth at many sites. Whether it is a large project or a small facility with special requirements, the needs and wishes of our customers always come first for us. From the entire wide range of products, we will provide a carefully selected range of products with the best combination of price and quality. Wholesale prices are provided for installation companies and regular customers, regardless of the volume of purchases.

2. Consulting

Our staff, based on global experience, will help develop the basic structure of the requested security system.

3. Training

The company conducts training for business partners. Seminars are held either individually or organized as part of a planned training.

4. Installation

Our company carries out installation work in Estonia, Lithuania, the CIS countries only through our partners who are specialized in this. By purchasing equipment from us at wholesale prices, you will be provided with a specialized company for the installation of security systems. As a result, you will get the best option for the equipment price and installation.

5. Service

To ensure the correct operation of all installed equipment, it is desirable to perform routine maintenance and inspection of the system, depending on the manufacturer. In this case, the security system will provide you with continuous protection of people, information and property for many years. Maintenance and inspection of installed equipment is determined for each system individually. This work is usually carried out by the company that installed the security systems, or another company chosen by the client.

6. Warranty period

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, each component of the security system is guaranteed for at least 24 months. For some products of some manufacturers, the official warranty period of the manufacturer is from 3 to 5 years.

We are interested in long-term relationships with customers, because for us a customer is not just a buyer of our equipment. First of all, our client is our partner. We focus on the quality of service, not the number of sales. Each situation is solved on an individual basis - we offer those solutions that best meet the requirements of each particular company.