TOA (Japan) is a world leader in the production of equipment for public address systems, conference systems, simultaneous translation equipment, loudspeakers, power amplifiers, megaphones and microphones.

The whole range of equipment manufactured by TOA:

  • Conference Systems (wired, infrared);
  • TeachIR (school speaker system);
  • INTERCOM two-way voice communication systems;
  • Loudspeakers (wall, ceiling, horn);
  • Amplifiers (digital, analog, portable, mixing);
  • Microphones (wired, wireless, desktop, handheld, flush-mounted, flexible);
  • Megaphones;
  • Mixers;
  • Warning and Evacuation Systems;
  • VOIP (Network Device for Real-time Audio and control signals over Networks using IP Protocol).

Arsenal Tech not only supplies equipment. We offer our partners a full range of services in the design and technical support of sound systems, allowing you to create your own solutions on high-quality equipment.