Microwave detectors of the Italian company AVS Electronics. The kit consists of 2 devices - 1 transmitter (TX) and 1 receiver (RX) - installed at a maximum distance of 60, 120 or 200 meters. The transmitter continuously emits microwaves towards the receiver. The detectors have a preliminary trigger zone. If an intruder approaches this protected area, the sensitivity is automatically increased for easier detection. An alarm signal is generated when an intruder passes through 2 detector zones (preliminary and alarm zone). This eliminates unwanted alarms. Perimeter protection is achieved by installing several sets of barriers throughout the territory necessary for protection. The sensors have excellent weather resistance, that also eliminates false alarms.

AVS Electronics uses digital technologies in its products that can accurately detect an intruder and eliminate unwanted alarms.

The scope of detectors is very wide. These are both private households and large territories and significant objects - industrial enterprises and military facilities.